Research Expertise

  • Sexual and gender minority health
  • Demography
  • Population health
  • LGBT Health
  • Intersectionality

Research Projects

Examining Gender Expression Differences in Allostatic Load among females in the United States 

Using data from Wave V of the Add Health study, this study examines the association between gender expression and allostatic load, a measure of the wear and tear the body experiences due to stress.

Gender Expression, Sexual Orientation, and Socioeconomic Status among Adults in the United States

This project examines the relationship between sexual orientation, gender expression, and socioeconomic outcomes. This manuscript is current under review.

Examining the Health of Queer Latinx Adults in the United States

This study assesses whether there is evidence of the Hispanic paradox among lesbian, gay, and bisexual Latinx adults using data from the National Health Interview Survey.

Examining Health Disparities among Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Individuals

A series of paper are examining various health outcomes and barriers to health care among transgender and gender nonconforming individuals.